Personal Information Protection Policy

Date of Enactment August 1, 2020

Date of last revision August 1, 2020

GLOBALKOEI Corporation

Representative Director, Shobun Saito

GLOBALKOEI is fully aware of its social mission with respect to the protection of all personal information handled by the Company and complies with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of the rights of individuals and personal information. In addition, we hereby declare that we have established a personal information protection management system to realize the following policy, and that we will make company-wide efforts to continuously improve the system while always being aware of the latest IT technology trends, changes in social demands, and changes in the business environment.

(a) Personal information shall be acquired, used, and provided only to the extent necessary for the Company’s legitimate business operations in real estate brokerage, rental management, rental brokerage, subleasing, and insurance agency services, as well as for employee employment and personnel management. We will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purposes of use (use for purposes other than those specified). We will also take measures to ensure that personal information is not used for purposes other than those specified.

(b) The Company shall comply with laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms related to the protection of personal information.

(c) To prevent the risk of leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we will continuously improve the security system of personal information by injecting management resources that match the actual conditions of the business to prevent such risks through reasonable security measures. In addition, we will promptly take corrective measures if any problem is found in the protection of personal information.

(d) We will respond promptly, sincerely, and appropriately to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.

(e) The personal information protection management system will be reviewed in a timely and appropriate manner considering changes in the environment surrounding the Company, and improvements will be made on an ongoing basis.

The above is all.

【Contact for Inquiries】

Inquiries regarding our personal information protection policy should be directed to the following contact.

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