PORTAL Sharehouse welcomeBBQ:骨付き肉::ぽっ::握手:We recently had a WelcomeBBQ with our new housemates! ♪
The sharehouse is now full thanks to the recent arrival of new housemates from :バルバドスの旗:Barbados and :日の丸:Japan :ぽっ:.Currently, our sharehouse age range is from 26 to 38 years old! :ウガンダの旗::ドイツ::日の丸::バルバドスの旗:Even if you don’t speak English or Japanese well, as long as you have a strong desire to understand each other and have compassion, you can communicate with the people living under the same roof as you.The PORTAL share house is a place where you can experience a variety of values and improve your language skills to learn how to live in the upcoming multicultural society! ★